Day 30: 1/3 Completed.

It has been thirty days.  I repeat, it has been THIRTY DAYS since I began this challenge.  I’ll rephrase that, since WE started this challenge.  Most of us have been sick, feeding into our bad eating habits, not being able to make a workout, and other shit that pops up into our lives.  We need to ensure that we learn from all of those mistakes, setbacks, bad decisions, or whatever you want to cal it.  At the end of the day, we Have a Goal that WE have to MEET!  Let’s make sure that the next 60 days, we do whatever news to be done in order to get there.

Remember: I will be trying need eating habits that I can switch up for all of my meals.  I am doing this because I felt as though I am used to eating the same meals everyday, or weekly.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Banana, honey, cinnamon, Almond Butter
Snack: Apple- and it was one of the best GALA apples ever!!  I want to try new apples, but i love the ish out of Gala.
Lunch: Sweet plantains, chicken, spinach
Snack: Peanut Butter and banana
Dinner: Salmon with steamed broccoli and asparagus and avocado.

This morning was a brutal workout.  Only because my shoulders have been aching for quiet sometime, therefore, Thrusters is not the best movement for me to do.  I scaled the weight, and I still couldn’t move as fast as I wanted to because of my shoulder activity.  Afterwards, well all day, I have been mobilizing it in order to basically loosen it up.

5AM Workout:

Split Jerk Sequence

WOD: Thrusters with  Sit-Ups

5pm Workout: in order to celebrate the 30 days I created this little workout:

I also did a Tabata of Scissor Kicks

This doesn’t mean I will be doing a 60 AMRAP of 90 on the 60th or 90th day lol.  For these next 30 days, I will be treating each day like DAY 1.  Only because most of us tend to the best on the 1st day.  We are strict with ourselves, we go crazy with our workouts (which you should do everyday), your able to say no to the cravings and so on and so forth.  I do not have any specific goal that I want to meet, I just want to keep ensuring that I am pushing myself to the limit every single damn day.



Day 29: The Snack Issue

Not knowing what was going to be breakfast or dinner was killing me.  Again, my refrigerator was broken.  The only thing that I can put together for breakfast was a protein shake.  No eggs, no sandwich, nada.  It sucks that I take this little shit for granted lol.  Also, my apples, were disgusting.  I thought it was going to be okay, the moment i bit into my Gala Apple…it was NASTY, DISGUSTING, AWFUL, DISTASTEFUL, HORRIFIC, MONSTROUS…IT GOES ON.  Well you get the point, this afternoon/evening it was a lack of energy because of the lack of snacks.  Thankfully one of my best co-workers (B!) gave me her California Orange!  It was simply delightful.  It was on point.  It was juicy.  It was great.  I felt like a new man afterwards lol.

Lets talk about the day:

Breakfast: p. Shake
Snack: apple Banana
Lunch: spinach with grilled chicken and avocado
Dinner: P.Shake, chicken and organic avocado

Workout 1:  Took about an hr.

Workout 2:

Clean Complex, Front Squat complex

WOD: With a 45lb plate (should had went 35)

G2O, Push Ups, toe touches, 15 alt lunges

Cashout: 100 DU

Tomorrow is weigh in.  Again, I don’t care about the number, but my progress that I feel is FANTASTIC.  All I know that this weekend I will be indulging in Paleo Cookies :).


Day 26-28: The Weeknd/Open/Malfunction

This weekend had plenty of bumps.  The main one was: My REFRIGERATOR BROKE!!!  I (we) had to throw everything out and since then, we have been ordering out.  As you will see…my meals were not the best, but they were planned!!!


Bfast: P.Shake
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Cobb Salad
Dinner: Spare Rips with sweet potato from Mighty Quinns

The day the refrigerator broke.
breakfast: Protein Shake after the Open
no Snack
Lunch: a turkey/ham/spinach/cucumber sandwich on a whole grain roll

dinner: This delicious dish from Bar Virage

Sunday: Breakfast: a Whole Wheat everything bagel with egg/taylor ham/ bacon….no shame!

Lunch: This art work of a salad:

Dinner: protein shake..only because i was still full from the salad


Saturday was the Day of the Open:

Workout 15.1

9-minute AMRAP:
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts
5 snatches
  (M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb.)

Workout 15.1a

1-rep-max clean and jerk

  6-minute time cap

Overall i was pleased with my results.  Just last year I was unable to complete 50 T2b…at most i only completed less than 20.  This year, I was able to complete 4 full rounds plus 1 of 15.1.  That totals up to 60 T2B…I see that as huge progress.  Are these the best numbers..fuck no, but it is for me.  The Open is a way to see your weaknesses and strengths.  Although I still believe that T2B is still a weakness of mine, its great to see that I have come a long way from last year in that movement.


250m row
5 bear complex at 115
10 GHD Sit ups
15 DU
*next time i do it ill prob push it to 30 min.

Let’s talk about this fridge situation, this shit really messes up your whole damn grove.  We threw out all our damn food, up to $200, at least in my eyes it seemed that much.  I woke up this morning, like shit


No, not sexy…shit was aggravating.  Having to keep ordering food adds up and honestly not that great for what I want to accomplish.  Is not like there is a paleo restaurant around.

Sidenote: someone should own a restaurant that has nothing but Paleo Pizza and desserts.

But having to constantly think of where to order from is a bitch.  Because 1) we can’t save any of the leftovers, 2) again it adds up 3) I don’t like ordering out for every damn meal!  I just can’t wait until our new fridge comes in/we pick up.  Whichever the case may be.

Day 30 is around the corner….I feel as though that My eating habits has been somewhat the same.  For these next 30 days, I will be switching my meals up.  How…I am unsure, which is why I am doing research on it.  I want to shock my system, rather than feeding it what it is used to consuming.  I hope people are feeling/seeing the changes within their bodies, energy, or even the way they workout.  I know I surely do, and even though I am hoping on that scale in two days, the number will mean nothing to me.  It’s all about how your feeling and the progress that your seeing.  Not everything can be read through a scale.

ON a sidebar:  If your into off-broadway shows, I recommend watching Stomp and the Blueman Group.  I felt as though I was in the middle of an episode of Tom & Jerry.  There was no talking, but simply all instrumental.  It was a great random trip I took my girl for her ‘Birthday’


Day 25: The Long Stretch

It’s Thursday. Day 25 is in the bags. Open season has begun. Froning is a Crossfit Gawd lol.

There is nothing fancy today. However, I made up a workout yesterday for today because I was meeting up with someone at the gym. It was long and brutal doing it alone! Shit comes up…you can’t control it. At first I was like fuck this shit I’m not doing it alone. Once I blocked that mentality I honestly hopped on the treadmill and started the shit.

Let’s take a look:

Bfast: good ol' spinach peanut butter protein shake. 
Snack: peanuts with apple 
Lunch: Cobb salad 
Snack: background story: we had a event for our students today. More of a ice cream party.   Yes. ICE CREAM!  Damn chocolate ice cream everywhere!! What did I do... I made my self a banana bowl!  I just wish I had honey and cinnamon!
Dinner: protein shake and my pancakes

Workout: the B-100

get it done!

The killer of course was the last run. I started catching cramps that I had to walk it and stretch it for about two minutes. I no rep myself about 10 different times. All I heard in the background was my coaches voices saying NO REP!  Have to keep yourself at a standard!

It honestly sucked ass doing it alone. But it had to get done! It was all a mental game.  Yes it could had been easier if I did 10 reps of all movements and have 10 sets, but no, that wasn't my plan.  I executed and got it done.  Point blank.

The best part was after the 50th rep.  I felt glorious every time saying 50 because it just meant that i can count down now lol.

Overall…keep your self to a high standard!  Don’t bullshit anything.


Day 23: Jordan!

Coming home at 930pm the night before it’s a killer.  I didn’t wake up today until 705!  I was running late to work, and skipped my damn Morning WOD.  It even f*** up my breakfast.  Nonetheless, it was a smooth fine day.  I knew later on that my workout will solely be in the gym, simply so I can spent time with the lady! You have to prioritize what’s important to you.  Not seeing her all day on Sunday and Monday I feel as though I need to make time to catch up.  Not because I have to, but because I want to. 🙂

Day 23 Meals:
Bfast: P. Shake
Snack: Apple with Nuts
Lunch: Grilled Chicken with spinach and quinoa 
Snack: Banana
Dinner: Rotisserie (I never know how to spell that word!) Lemon Chicken with Avocado


Back Squat 6×9 with 20 Knee Raises in Between

Push Press/Jerk 6×6-9 w/ 30 DU in between

Hang Snatches 5×3 to work on technique

Thereafter, i did the T25 ab circuit

6 250m Row with 90 sec in between…numbers are slightly better than 21 days ago.

last: 55 Knee Tucks

It’s day 23 and all I have to say it Feels Great!!!!


Day 21: Team Competition/Breaking a Habit

It takes 21 Days to break a habit.  At least, that is something I’ve been told for these last couple of years.  Today marks day 21, Do you have any new habits?  did you get rid of any old habits?  As a I reflect, this is my conclusion

  • i don’t go up for seconds, i eat everything I put in my plate
  • I dont snack as i used to
  • Mentally, i am growing stronger, maybe thats a plus
  • hmmm…maybe some other shit..who knows…i just know I am happy 🙂

Now, lets talk about this Competition that I had at CrossfitNorwalk with my team today.  First and foremost, today marks my first team competition for this year.  I learned plenty from my previous one, when I was not proud of my performance, I just had to let that shit go.  Today, was, pardon my french (not really), Fucking great!  Going in with my teammate and other team members representing our box, we supported and learned plenty coming out of this competition.  I still had a setback, when it was time to begin the first WOD, the damn screen on the rower went off! -_-…that suck balls!!! BUT, i didn’t let that shit shut me down.  I got out that mentality and still gave it my all.

Overall, it is damn great to do a team comp.  I believe it is less stress on a individual when they are doing it by themselves.  It also allows you to see other people’s technique, give critiques, and maybe create new techniques.  And the damn crowd is awesome.  Just last week i hit a 225 PR for clean, and i did that shit twice today, may not had been the best, but shit i did it!  The next thing to work on is jerking it!

Because today was crazy….my meals were not all timed.

lets look at today:

WOD 1: 10 min time cap
Row for Calories
Snatches 115/75 (scaled 75/55)
Split the work however you choose
(Came in 6th)
WOD 2: 8 min time cap
Max effort of the following complex:
1 Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Jerk
Partner's scores will be added together
(came in 2nd)
Wall Ball 20/14 to 10' (scaled 20/14 to 9')
Toes to Bar (scaled kettlebell swing 44/26)
1st Partner completes 2-2-2
2nd partner completes 2-2-2
(came in 11th)

My meals was just over the place:

Morning: oatmeal w/ banana and peanut butter
In between workouts i kept having protein shakes.
When i fully finished all the WOds: Turkey Meatballs with Sweet potato

IMG_9002From the Counter on rt 3: Bison Burker, bacon, kale, spinach, quinoa, dried cranberries, avocado, pineapple, and used some type of bbq sauce!

I was easily going to cheat and say fuck it i deserve a cheat meal, however, i didn’t.  I haven’t fully earned anything until I meet my goals for my challenge.  Today was a true test just putting myself into a competitive environment and giving it my all.  Overall.. i am truly proud of myself.  I have to give a huge shout out to my team members, for always pushing me, and telling me to keep adding fucking weight.

Para mi Gente:

Se tarda 21 días para romper el hábito. Al menos, eso es algo que me han dicho para estos dos últimos años. Hoy se celebra el día 21, ¿Tienes alguna nuevos hábitos? qué te deshaces de las viejas costumbres? Como reflejo, esta es mi conclusión yo no subo por segundo,

  • yo como todo lo que puse en mi plato
  • Yo me puse de aperitivos yo solía
  • Mentalmente, estoy creciendo más fuerte, tal vez eso es un plus hmmm … tal vez algún otro shit..quien sabe … yo sólo sé que soy feliz 🙂

Ahora, vamos a hablar acerca de este concurso que tuve en CrossfitNorwalk con mi equipo hoy. En primer lugar, hoy se cumple mi primera competición del equipo para este año. Aprendí mucho de mi anterior, cuando yo no estaba orgulloso de mi actuación, yo sólo tenía que dejar esa mierda ir. Hoy en día, se, perdón por mi francés (no realmente), de puta madre! El entrar con mi compañero de equipo y otros miembros del equipo que representa a nuestra caja, apoyamos y aprendimos un montón de salir de esta competición. Todavía tenía un revés, cuando llegó el momento de comenzar la primera WOD, la pantalla maldita en el remero se fue! -_- … Que chupar las bolas !!! Pero, yo no dejé que esa mierda me cerró. Salí esa mentalidad y todavía todo de mí di. En general, es malditamente genial hacer un borrador de equipo. Creo que es menos estrés en un individuo cuando lo están haciendo por sí mismos. También le permite ver la técnica de otras personas, dar las críticas, y tal vez crear nuevas técnicas. Y la maldita gente es impresionante. Apenas la semana pasada me golpeó un 225 PR para la limpieza, y que lo hice dos veces hoy, puede no había sido la mejor, pero la mierda lo hice! La siguiente cosa a trabajar es sacudidas! Debido a que hoy era una locura … comidas .my no fueron cronometrados.

echemos un vistazo a la actualidad:

WOD 1: cap de tiempo de 10 min
Fila de Calorías
Fragmentos 115/75 (escalado 75/55)
Dividir el trabajo sin embargo que usted elija
(Came en sexta)
WOD 2: cap tiempo de 8 minutos
Max esfuerzo de los siguientes complejos:
1 Limpiar
1 Sentadilla Frontal
1 Jerk
Se sumarán las puntuaciones de los Socios
(Llegó en segundo)
2-4-6-8-10 ....
Muro Bola 20/14 a 10 '(escalado 20/14 a 9')
Los dedos del pie a Bar (kettlebell escalado oscilación 44/26)
Primero Socio completa 2-2-2
Segundo socio completa 2-2-2
(Llegó en el puesto 11)

Me fácilmente vamos a engañar y decir mierda que me merezco una comida trampa , sin embargo , no lo hice . No he ganado totalmente nada hasta me encuentro con mis metas para mi desafío. Hoy fue una verdadera prueba sólo ponerme en un entorno competitivo y dar lo mejor de mí . En general .. me siento verdaderamente orgulloso de mí mismo . Tengo que dar un gran tiroteo a los miembros de mi equipo , porque siempre me empuja y me dice que seguir añadiendo puto peso.

-BecomeBeast Fit

Day 20: the Pre-Comp Day (Saturday)

The previous and current day I kept asking myself what the hell am I going to eat the day before the day of the competition.

All i thought was carbs.

I kept thinking to myself, just keep eating the same shit.  Honestly, I should had.  With the new eating habits i created, I’ve been having more energy than before, i shouldn’t had incorporate the Bread/Pasta type of carbs into my system.

all i thought was that i wanted carbs.

Here was the run down of yesterday:

Morning: had a Garden Omelette with avocado and sweet potato and ate 1 1/2 piece of rye bread

an apple and protein shake in between

Later: i ended having some power paster from muscle maker because i was lazy to cook.

The regret:

Eating something new, or something your body is not used to eating, before a competition is not the smartest thing to do.  I learned this the hard way last night.  After having that power pasta, the sauce kept me away from my couch about 5 different times and in the bathroom.  For the next time, I will not be switching any of my meals and keep it the same.  I have to trust the process that I am in, even when it comes to competitions.

The workout:

(i still like this 'pre' text)  
Today was simple: Rest, rest, rest, and stretch, stretch, stretch.  I didn't want to do anything crazy, even touch a barbell or even go for a run. I wanted to fully be rested for my competition.  Which was the smart/best thing to do yesterday!

Para mi Gente:

El día anterior y el actual me preguntaba qué demonios voy a comer el día antes del día de la competición. Todo me pareció carbohidratos. No dejaba de pensar a mí mismo, sólo seguir comiendo la misma mierda. Honestamente, me tenía. Con los nuevos hábitos alimenticios que creé, he estado teniendo más energía que antes, yo no debo tenido incorporar el tipo Pan / Pasta de carbohidratos en mi sistema. Todo me pareció que yo quería carbohidratos.

Aquí fue la jugada de ayer:

En la Mañana: tenía un jardín de tortilla con aguacate y batata y comió 1 1/2 pedazo de pan de centeno una manzana y batido de proteínas en el medio

Más tarde: Terminé teniendo algunos parche poder del fabricante de músculo, porque yo era perezoso para cocinar.

El arrepentimiento:

Comer algo nuevo, o algo que su cuerpo no está acostumbrado a comer, antes de una competición no es la cosa más inteligente que hacer. Esto lo aprendí de la manera difícil anoche. Después de que la pasta de alimentación, la salsa me mantuvo lejos de mi sofá cerca de 5 veces diferentes y en el baño. Para la próxima vez, no será el cambio alguno de mis comidas y mantengo la misma. Tengo que confiar en el proceso que me encuentro, incluso cuando se trata de competiciones.

El entrenamiento:

(Todavía tengo gusto este texto 'pre')
Hoy era simple: Descanso, descanso, reposo, y estirar, estirar, estirar. Yo no quiero hacer ninguna locura, incluso tocar una barra o incluso ir a correr. Quería estar completamente descansado para mi competencia. ¿Cuál fue la inteligente / mejor que puede hacer ayer!