Day 65: the Man Hunt

it sucks leaving your snacks and lunch behind when you went to work. The only thing that was holding me up was my water. What sucked even more, looking for a place to eat from. I wanted to order Better Bites but they only deliver in a 5 block radius -_-  do don’t Newark know that not all people eat shitty?  I ended up getting some chicken from DinoBBQ


Breakfast: three eggs with bacon and protein shake

Lunch: chicken with sweet potato

Dinner: chicken stir fry with jasmin rice


Barbell bent over row 4×10

Dumbbell bent over 4×10

Seated cable row 3×12

Barbell shrug 4×10

Barbell curl 3×10

Concentrated curl 4×10

8x 30 sec off/on thrusters and jumping lunges 

Ab circuit 


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