Day 55-57: I come back to SNOW!

Day 55: The epic event WRESTLEMANIA.  That day was considered a rest day of course.  I started the day with a steak egg omelette…drank over a gallon of water, had about 4 different protein bars…and after the event..had about 4 slices of pizza (damn i miss it)!

Day 56: The last day of San Fran.

I started my morning with the following:

5×5 of Deadlifts and 3 L/R Turkish Get ups

Ladder: 7-1 of Power Cleans to Push Press at 135 and 10 wall balls for time.

The meals: I wasnt prepared for the day because of my flight.  I honestly didn’t even want to have snacks, because i felt as though i had too many of those.  I ended my trip by going to La Taqueria and had:

1 Shredded Chicken Burrito with guacamole, pico de gallo, and beans i believe

AND 1 taco made of two tortillas with beef, pico de gallo and guacamole

those were the….i FORGOT..i also went to this place after my 2 mile run…YESSS…I forgot, I also ran 2 miles in San Fran.  The only reason I did that because I wanted to experience the damn hills.  Its ridiculous!

Back to this meal stuff…after i ended my run, i stopped by a place…I forgot the name of it which sucks because it was good.  I had Wheat bread that was covered with PB, banana, and honey with OJ.

Now those three things were the only Meals I ate that day.  I also drank a gallon of water within a 5 hour period.  ONLY because i didn’t want to throw it away because of check in.

San Francisco is an outstanding place.  It was usually around 70-80 Degrees with 100mph winds (I’m exaggerating of course).  The environment/culture is very calm and chilled, just how i love it.  The weather is phenomenal.  The views are fantastic.  Everything about California is great.  I wish I can go back and live there!  However, Home is where the heart is.  I missed it very dearly.  I say we all move to Cali though! lol.

Here’s some quick recaps:

Photo Mar 27, 12 41 35 PM Photo Mar 27, 5 29 55 PM Photo Mar 27, 9 30 44 PM Photo Mar 27, 11 06 14 PM Photo Mar 28, 10 50 29 AM Photo Mar 28, 3 08 22 PM Photo Mar 29, 12 18 39 AM Photo Mar 29, 3 20 46 PM Photo Mar 29, 8 36 19 PM Photo Mar 29, 10 05 08 PM

Let’s get back to business.  This isn’t a blog about posting pictures.  It’s a blog about progress.  Today I was talking to one of my coaches that I feel as though I have to alter my programming.  Why?  I have no clue.  Since my sickness…i feel as though I fell off.  Which we all do…don’t we?  The best…and i mean BEST thing about this is now I know.  I know what my ‘problem’ may be…so I am fixing it.. How…Im taking it step by step and figuring this thing out.

I know my 60th day is coming up.  Let’s not forget, because of my week of sickness I added, just myself, an additional week of my challenge.  Therefore my 60th day will really be my 50th.

Lets talk about today.  Day 57(47).

Meals: Now again, my FRIDGE IS OUT OF COMMISSION -_-.  Long story short…it doesn’t work lol.  Will be getting my new one soon…therefore I need to be smart about the meals that I purchase these next few days.

Breakfast: Two eggs, bacon, ham on whole wheat toast

Snack: had about 4 cups of tea throughout the day.

Dunch: Pulled chicken and chicken leg with Sweet potato and cucumbers.


I was welcomed back with 400m runs in the snow..HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT??!?!?!

Until Next time.



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