Day 54: Day 2 San Fran 

San Fran is a beautiful place. So beautiful that I am tending to eat with my eyes not my brain lol. I even good with denying food that I don’t need to eat. Unless if it’s a damn restaurant or dish that is well known in San Fran, I will not eat anything else…well since I’m thinking about it. Maybe. Lol. Who knows. All I know so far I’ve been good with my eating habit.  Even though yesterday I only ate twice -_-   The time difference is still fucking me up. Nonetheless everything was great!

Workout:  San Francisco Crossfit is very welcoming and friendly. If your ever in the area go check them out! 



When I saw the board I was like DAMNNN. But the 1 mile was actually a resting grace for me. Running around the city, even if it was for a mile, was a beautiful thing. Their box is next to the Golden Gates which made it THAT much better of a view.  Despite the construction going around, the 75+ degree weather was nice!

And for the whole day we took about 6K steps. Visiting the t

Japanese Tea House. Lombard Street. China Town.  


The meals:


  With a banana 


La Piñata

It’s not that great of a picture. But at this time my mind was CHEERING: PROTEIN. PROTEIN. PROTEIN. I didn’t eat the rice nor beans. I had the Fajita combination platter which consisted of Shrimp, chicken, steak. Veggies, guacamole. And pico de gallo. I did eat the whole thing with one spinach wrap. Afterwards my heart was so happy. You guys have no idea!   

I love San Fran. Even if I haven’t explored most of it.  It’s CALI. Cali will forever be my love. 


TODAY IS WRESTLEMANIA!!! Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa 


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