Day 49-50

Day 49; the hybrid

It was the day I had my Monday class at 7pm! Fitting a workout in between was key. I made it happen without wasting any time. 

The overview :

Breakfast: protein shake with eggs and bacon

Snack: celery with pb

Lunch: ground turkey with greens 

Dinner: chicken breast with avocado. 

The workouts 

Thrusters at 105 with box jumps 

And for the afternoon 

  I didn’t want to go that heavy with the thrusters because that’s a weakness of mine. But after doing it, this week was by far the best feeling doing it. 

Day 50: Listen to the Body

My shit said sit your ass down and relax real quick. Trying to do a HIIT workout this evening became to a damn nap smh. Am I upset? Not at all. I can’t push it everyday the way I want. Have to be smart about how I go about it.  

Breakfast: two eggs with bacon and green tea

Snack: Apple with almond 

Lunch: spinach salad with chicken. Dried cranberries and walnuts. 

Snack: sweet potatoe with ribs 

Dinner: chicken rice and salad. 


Jerk movement

Snatch with push ups. 

Good night! 


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