Day 43: The Rebirth

If you have been keeping up with my posts, you will know that the last few weeks I felt like shit.  Today was the first day where I truly felt amazingly like 100%.  It was a feeling of relief.  I was like Oh shit…so this is how it feels.  One of the things that kept eating me alive was knowing that I was unable to push my body to its full potential because I didn’t want to damage the system more than what it already is.  Yes, i call my body a system.  It runs a certain way.  It needs to be fuel by the right things.  It needs to get its rest when it is overuse. And so on.

Today though>>>>>>>>>>>>.
If you don't know understand the 'slang' it basically means that today was the shit, better than any other day, the best day so far this month, the AWESOMEST day ever (cue in the awesome song.)

hahaha.. have to love that song.

Let me tell you how much of a difference I felt so far in my workouts today.  Today we had sit-ups in the board.  Of course it doesn’t seem that bad.  But I know that within the after the first 30 I will have to stop to catch my breath.  I didn’t have to stop until I was at my 75 rep!  I was like damnnnnnnnnnn.  Honestly, it doesn’t seem that big of a deal to people, but this is just a indication that my core is getting stronger.  I was souped as shit, I honestly kept going to try to catch up with the other people at the box at that time.  Although I didn’t, that was a highlight of my day.

It felt like a pr.  It felt like tasting red velvet cake for the first time.  Is like having 100 pieces of chocolate chips.  It was a feeling of having a first kiss by that person you want.  It was like eating a medium rare steak.  It’s like having a snow day.  It’s like..its like a F^n GREAT FEELING.

It was so good..i fell in love with my protein shake afterwards lol.

Breakfast: Eggs w/spinach and turkey bacon with protein shake
Snack: pineapples and papayas
Lunch Turkey Chili with broccoli and cabbage slaw
Dinner: Spicy Ground turkey w/ onions, jalepeno, and kale ANDDDD AVOCADO.

The Workouts:

Pull-Ups, Push Ups, and Sit Up Complex.

BackSquats of 80% of my max for 6 sets


400m warmup run

200m with 5Burbees Vert Jumps, 5 Push Ups, 5 Knee tucks x10

Then 800m run.

I just want to say “SCREW YOU AIR.” It kept knocking me over making the run harder, but more beneficial.  I was truly cursing it up like if it was next to me.  Overall.  Day 43 ruled.  It was crucial because i felt as though I was at a plateau.  But today i CRUSHED Everything.  Believe the Process!


The Rebirth.


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