Day 42: How does one improve?

I ask myself that question everyday.  I know i give all my workouts 100%.  Maybe sometimes i should take that extra chicken leg.  Maybe other times I could stop eating carbs and stick to greens and meat.  Possibly I could had went for another set because my energy was so high.  Maybe I should had taken myself outside even if it was shitty weather.  No matter what we do in order to improve ourselves, I seem to always ask myself….what now?

  • Do i start running everyday?
  • Do I eat fruits like grapefruit all the time?
  • Do I focus on strictly paleo?
  • Do I minimize my portions of food even more?
  • Should I follow a different program rather than the one I have set for myself?
  • Should i strictly only focus on weights?

The mind is a funny thing.  You doubt yourself after making any final decision.  I’m not a psychologist, although I did take a few classes (insert laugh here), but we mind fuck ourselves everyday.  We sweat the small stuff and that is whats more important.  If you go on and workout everyday and keep saying I worked hard today, i deserve a cheat meal EVERYDAY….the process isnt working.  You need to be realistic with yourself.

I trust the program that I am doing.  Although last week was like a mind fuck because of my sickness, I have to get through it.  It’s not a waste of a week, is not slowing down my process, shit happens within any goals.  Is what you do after in order to get back in track.  Just make sure you are putting your energy solely on the goal you have set for yourself.  Take everything serious.  Don’t keep having those cheat meals every weekend, shit just adds up.  How does one improve?  By ensuring they are giving their goal 100% of their attention at all times.

Day 42 overview:


Breakfast: protein shake with some rasperries

Snack: Carrots with pb

Lunch: chicken, spinach, and my sweet potato cookie 🙂

Snack: Orange

Dinner: BBQ Chicken

Jerk and Push Press work
Burbees, Box Jump, Row Tabata
15.3 Open workout scaled.

About the open, I honestly was going to put a 0 because I couldn’t do a Muscle Up to save my life.  Was I close?  Some of the times, other shit just looked like the opposite of the Mona Lisa.  I had to put my ego aside, which we should all do when it comes to crossfit.  I know that for all the workouts I am unable to do RX because of some of the movements or weights.  I just really wanted to do this whole open doing RX.  Talking to some of the people, I said fuck it and went scaled.  I rather do scaled and submit a score to show that I put in work rather than 0 for RX just showing I was practicing Muscle Ups….we all have to put our ego aside at times.



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