Day 38: 

Waking up while your throat is stuffed with maybe bacteria that is allowing you to sound like a mute is how I woke up this morning. I jump straight out of bed though and went straight to my workout. Tody I am also unable to have a double because I am in the middle of class. This happens about once a month, next week is going back to the same routine as before. The more challenge for this week is ensuring that my meals are not crazy since I am not doing that extra workout. So far. So good. 


Breakfast: protein shake with green tea and watermelon

Snack: almonds with banana 

Lunch: baked chicken with sweet potato

Snack: green grapes 

Dinner: it will be grilled chicken with veggies. And possibly an avocado if it is ripe at home. ( let’s hope)!

The workout:

3 rounds of k2e, hspu, air squats 

The workout. 2k row. 

My analysis.

 My 2k this week average was better than my previous 3k row. I honestly believe Is for the simple fact that I had a coach behind my ear ensuring that I keep a specific pace and working out next to my family. It ain’t easy doing that shit at 5am in the damn morning. But shit has to get done. 


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