Day 37: The Rest

At this current moment I am still in the middle of class.  Today was a day worth of nothing but work, graduated courses, and Leadership Program.  I knew and was prepared for a day this long.  I decided that today, rather than Thursday, was going to be my rest day.  The only new thing I did this morning was drink some green tea to start of the day.

The challenge for today:

For lunch today I was surrounded by fried chicken, lasagna (which i love), Cookies, cakes, spinach dip, and some other shit.  It was truly painful rejecting the lasagna.  The chicken I really didn’t care for because im not a fan of fried chicken, unless if I am craving that shit.  However, I did, again, I CHOSE, to eat A Cookie.  A=1, uno, one, not twenty, one cookie.  It was the best sugar rush feeling ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Let’s reflect:

Breakfast: 2 eggs with blueberries and green tea
Snack: Almonds with apple
Lunch: grilled chicken, spinach, sweet plantains, and avocado :).
Snack: Protein Shake with Orange
Dinner: Grilled chicken with avocado and spinach

There should never be an excuse for anything.  I feel as though after my food poisoning I have been skeptical about what I have about been eating.  AND, I have feel as though my energy has been low for my workouts, maybe because the work load of my graduate work is a heavy burden.  However, this is no excuse, I am fixing my schedule to ensure that I shall be meeting my goals.  No excuses, just make shit happen



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