Day34: the comeback(Sunday)

having three days of food poisioning has been  hell for me. Not being able to workout nor eat really fucked me up. Today was the first day where I actually had full healthy meals. On Thursday and Friday the only thing I really had to eat/ drink was water with lemon and tea. After being somewhat better on Friday night, I ate a 12-inch hoagie because I was starving!

Saturday was more of a fuel day for me. I didn’t workout because I still felt nauseous. For Saturday it was more like wth does my belly want. It wasn’t nothing nutritious I’ll tell you that. It was more like a bacon/egg sandwich. Honey oat Cheerios. 6 chicken drumsticks. And a hella water. Wasn’t the best meal. But fuck it.

Now let’s talk about Sunday! The comeback!


Breakfast: Portuguese chicken with vegetables

Snack: protein shake

Lunch: my pancakes :)!

Dinner: ground turkey with broccoli, asparagus, spinach, and sweet potato.


All out!!

3000m row

200 DU

1 mile run

I completed 15.2, but did not like my score.  For the simple fact that it was my first workout in three days and because of my fp.  Let’s see if I’ll do it again.



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