Day 30: 1/3 Completed.

It has been thirty days.  I repeat, it has been THIRTY DAYS since I began this challenge.  I’ll rephrase that, since WE started this challenge.  Most of us have been sick, feeding into our bad eating habits, not being able to make a workout, and other shit that pops up into our lives.  We need to ensure that we learn from all of those mistakes, setbacks, bad decisions, or whatever you want to cal it.  At the end of the day, we Have a Goal that WE have to MEET!  Let’s make sure that the next 60 days, we do whatever news to be done in order to get there.

Remember: I will be trying need eating habits that I can switch up for all of my meals.  I am doing this because I felt as though I am used to eating the same meals everyday, or weekly.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Banana, honey, cinnamon, Almond Butter
Snack: Apple- and it was one of the best GALA apples ever!!  I want to try new apples, but i love the ish out of Gala.
Lunch: Sweet plantains, chicken, spinach
Snack: Peanut Butter and banana
Dinner: Salmon with steamed broccoli and asparagus and avocado.

This morning was a brutal workout.  Only because my shoulders have been aching for quiet sometime, therefore, Thrusters is not the best movement for me to do.  I scaled the weight, and I still couldn’t move as fast as I wanted to because of my shoulder activity.  Afterwards, well all day, I have been mobilizing it in order to basically loosen it up.

5AM Workout:

Split Jerk Sequence

WOD: Thrusters with  Sit-Ups

5pm Workout: in order to celebrate the 30 days I created this little workout:

I also did a Tabata of Scissor Kicks

This doesn’t mean I will be doing a 60 AMRAP of 90 on the 60th or 90th day lol.  For these next 30 days, I will be treating each day like DAY 1.  Only because most of us tend to the best on the 1st day.  We are strict with ourselves, we go crazy with our workouts (which you should do everyday), your able to say no to the cravings and so on and so forth.  I do not have any specific goal that I want to meet, I just want to keep ensuring that I am pushing myself to the limit every single damn day.



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