Day 29: The Snack Issue

Not knowing what was going to be breakfast or dinner was killing me.  Again, my refrigerator was broken.  The only thing that I can put together for breakfast was a protein shake.  No eggs, no sandwich, nada.  It sucks that I take this little shit for granted lol.  Also, my apples, were disgusting.  I thought it was going to be okay, the moment i bit into my Gala Apple…it was NASTY, DISGUSTING, AWFUL, DISTASTEFUL, HORRIFIC, MONSTROUS…IT GOES ON.  Well you get the point, this afternoon/evening it was a lack of energy because of the lack of snacks.  Thankfully one of my best co-workers (B!) gave me her California Orange!  It was simply delightful.  It was on point.  It was juicy.  It was great.  I felt like a new man afterwards lol.

Lets talk about the day:

Breakfast: p. Shake
Snack: apple Banana
Lunch: spinach with grilled chicken and avocado
Dinner: P.Shake, chicken and organic avocado

Workout 1:  Took about an hr.

Workout 2:

Clean Complex, Front Squat complex

WOD: With a 45lb plate (should had went 35)

G2O, Push Ups, toe touches, 15 alt lunges

Cashout: 100 DU

Tomorrow is weigh in.  Again, I don’t care about the number, but my progress that I feel is FANTASTIC.  All I know that this weekend I will be indulging in Paleo Cookies :).



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