Day 54: Day 2 San Fran 

San Fran is a beautiful place. So beautiful that I am tending to eat with my eyes not my brain lol. I even good with denying food that I don’t need to eat. Unless if it’s a damn restaurant or dish that is well known in San Fran, I will not eat anything else…well since I’m thinking about it. Maybe. Lol. Who knows. All I know so far I’ve been good with my eating habit.  Even though yesterday I only ate twice -_-   The time difference is still fucking me up. Nonetheless everything was great!

Workout:  San Francisco Crossfit is very welcoming and friendly. If your ever in the area go check them out! 



When I saw the board I was like DAMNNN. But the 1 mile was actually a resting grace for me. Running around the city, even if it was for a mile, was a beautiful thing. Their box is next to the Golden Gates which made it THAT much better of a view.  Despite the construction going around, the 75+ degree weather was nice!

And for the whole day we took about 6K steps. Visiting the t

Japanese Tea House. Lombard Street. China Town.  


The meals:


  With a banana 


La Piñata

It’s not that great of a picture. But at this time my mind was CHEERING: PROTEIN. PROTEIN. PROTEIN. I didn’t eat the rice nor beans. I had the Fajita combination platter which consisted of Shrimp, chicken, steak. Veggies, guacamole. And pico de gallo. I did eat the whole thing with one spinach wrap. Afterwards my heart was so happy. You guys have no idea!   

I love San Fran. Even if I haven’t explored most of it.  It’s CALI. Cali will forever be my love. 


TODAY IS WRESTLEMANIA!!! Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa 


Day 53

went to San Fran Crossfit and finished the Open workouts. 


Cal row 

Thrusters at 95lbs

All day I walked for about 13k steps. Who knows how far that is. 

In terms of my meals. 


Huge breakfast was needed after that workout. Protein shake. Sweet potato fries. Ground rulers with greens. Fresh fruit and rye bread 


I had one regular cheeseburger and a salad burger from In and Out. I wanted the quadruple but that’s OD 

In terms of dinner:

Chicken tortilla soup

Pepper crusted sirloin and whole grains. With some sweet potato. 

Decent meals. But it’s all part of my plan!!!!

Day 51:52

51: rest all over !

52: today (DC the new 52)!

Knowing I had to take a plane today didn’t screw my workouts. But somewhat my meals. 

Workout: 2k row

20 min HSPU volume 

v-ups. Inchworm. Plank holds. X4


Three Eggs

After that shit was all over the place 

Had a pb shake from mamba juice 

Some noodles from my brother 

Some grapes 

Tons of water

I shall be visiting Crossfit San Fran manana!  

Day 49-50

Day 49; the hybrid

It was the day I had my Monday class at 7pm! Fitting a workout in between was key. I made it happen without wasting any time. 

The overview :

Breakfast: protein shake with eggs and bacon

Snack: celery with pb

Lunch: ground turkey with greens 

Dinner: chicken breast with avocado. 

The workouts 

Thrusters at 105 with box jumps 

And for the afternoon 

  I didn’t want to go that heavy with the thrusters because that’s a weakness of mine. But after doing it, this week was by far the best feeling doing it. 

Day 50: Listen to the Body

My shit said sit your ass down and relax real quick. Trying to do a HIIT workout this evening became to a damn nap smh. Am I upset? Not at all. I can’t push it everyday the way I want. Have to be smart about how I go about it.  

Breakfast: two eggs with bacon and green tea

Snack: Apple with almond 

Lunch: spinach salad with chicken. Dried cranberries and walnuts. 

Snack: sweet potatoe with ribs 

Dinner: chicken rice and salad. 


Jerk movement

Snatch with push ups. 

Good night! 

Day 46-48: The Benchmark

Day 46 Became an unexpected Rest day.  After school, I spent a cruel 5 hours doing work for my Emerging Leader Program.  Was I upset that I didn’t work out?  Of course! Who the hell wouldn’t it.  But, works need to get done.  No excuses.

Day 47:
After a two day rest I was ready to tackle the day.  It was a brutal 2 hour workout, In a way, I think I finished most of my gallon of water within that workout.
The Meals:
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Taylor Ham on wheat bread
Lunch: Baked Buffalo Wings
Snack: Banana with peanut butter
Dinner: Braised boneless short ribs with pearl onions, carrots and celery braised in a slightly-spicy Korean chili sauce. Topped with Cilantro, Mint, and Toasted Almonds, served with Sweet Potato Mash.
The workout:
15.4: HSPU and Cleans
6x6 of Bench Press w. 6 plank ups and down
6x6 front Squat with 20 DU in between
The first 5: 3 strict pull ups, 6 plank pikes
Next 5: 4 back squats at 225
Last 10: 3 strict pull ups, 6 plank pikes
And because my biceps were asking for a workout...
4x10 of Curls and dips (45,35,25,20)
Cool Down: Row 1000m

Day 48: the Benchmarks

Today was testing Day.  As I mentioned before, I have about three workouts that I have selected to do each month to see if there is any progress towards it.

Annie: 50-40-30-20-10 of DU and sit ups.

Last month I finished at 9:13, today I finished at 8:36.  I beat my score by 37 seconds.  Am I happy?  Fuck yea, who wouldn’t be.  I still think I could had done better.  This was my second time using my new rope, and the shit was just not there. With DU, they are either here or they are gone.

RowBall: 1000m row and 50 wall balls

Last month i finished at 8:13, today 7:05.  Thats a 1:08 difference.  I hate wall balls.  The shit is BALLS!  However, this is something amazing.  I am consent with the fact that progress is occurring.  I honestly believe my time will probably be better if it were done with other people.  Its just the edge that you get trying to beat or keep up with the person who is next to you.  Workout out alone sucks BALLS (LOL), funny ass word, but the work has to get done.


breakfast: Eggs with kale and bacon

Lunch: about 12 paleo cookies! (Sweet potato, vanilla protein, honey, cinnamon, 3 eggs, almond butter, dark chocolate)

Dinner: Ground Turkey with hella veggies.

Snack: Granola cereal :).

The Weekend was solid.  Next weekend I will be in San Fran, the challenge that I will occur is ensuring that my eating habits stay in tact.  But of course I will have to try some of their food!

Let’s start the week of strong!


Day 44: For The Love…

For the love of working out…its a relationship that you can’t cheat on.  

This is how I see the relationship between you and the workout.

You have to cherish every moment you have with that barbell, rower, road, elliptical machine, or any body movement.  If you cheat on it, it will truly bite you in the ass.  Everyday I treated it like a date.  I want to impress the shit out of it.  Some of us even go out every weekend to find the right clothing for it.  We come in with new sneakers, shirts, headbands, compressions, and more!  It’s something that everyone looks for.  If i can, I would give it a rose everyday.  It’s something that people make the time for. It’s a reason why people decline many gatherings because they don’t want to cheat on the workout.  It’s a faithful relationship that we all have.  We usually have to ignore it once a week because it asked so much attention from us that we need a break from to recover.  This is a typical relationship.  You have your arguments, your happy moments, your ecstatic moments, and those moments where your so nervous you have to run to the bathroom to handle your business.  Mostly once (or everyday) it gives you goosebumps perfuming the workout.  It is TRUE EXCITEMENT and HAPPINESS.

Isn’t that a relationship that we all truly want?  I believe we have that with our workouts.  If you don’t feel the same, well fuck you.  Im kidding.  But honestly, if your not depressed because you unable to workout because of some injury, appointment, work, then your relationship is not love…the trust isn’t even there!  BuT, if you are the opposite, then you have a true passion of pushing your  body to the limit.  You want to lift those weights, run those sprints, of course do ‘cardio’ and much more.  Just Love what you do.

I woke up this morning and had to make the quickest decision: Do I get up or stay in bed?  It was 513 and CF starts at 530.  I got my ass up, put my clothes on, and was thankful for yesterday's Bayron, for making the protein shake i needed for this morning.  I made it and was hoping for DU because I recently got my new rope!  Recently as yesterday!  Moral of the story: ensure that you are discipline with yourself, despite the time you wake up.


Breakfast: Protein Shake with Two eggs and bacon

Snack: Carrots with PB

Lunch: SunDried Tomato Chicken with Kale and Avocado

Snack: Granola Cereal w/ almond milk

Dinner: Paleo Chicken Wings with Ranch, celery, and sweet potato


AM: a Combination of DU, Lunges, Cleans, Thrusters, bar hops, front squats

PM:  Now…this shit killed me.  My legs were sore….well…just read what it says: