Day 25: The Long Stretch

It’s Thursday. Day 25 is in the bags. Open season has begun. Froning is a Crossfit Gawd lol.

There is nothing fancy today. However, I made up a workout yesterday for today because I was meeting up with someone at the gym. It was long and brutal doing it alone! Shit comes up…you can’t control it. At first I was like fuck this shit I’m not doing it alone. Once I blocked that mentality I honestly hopped on the treadmill and started the shit.

Let’s take a look:

Bfast: good ol' spinach peanut butter protein shake. 
Snack: peanuts with apple 
Lunch: Cobb salad 
Snack: background story: we had a event for our students today. More of a ice cream party.   Yes. ICE CREAM!  Damn chocolate ice cream everywhere!! What did I do... I made my self a banana bowl!  I just wish I had honey and cinnamon!
Dinner: protein shake and my pancakes

Workout: the B-100

get it done!

The killer of course was the last run. I started catching cramps that I had to walk it and stretch it for about two minutes. I no rep myself about 10 different times. All I heard in the background was my coaches voices saying NO REP!  Have to keep yourself at a standard!

It honestly sucked ass doing it alone. But it had to get done! It was all a mental game.  Yes it could had been easier if I did 10 reps of all movements and have 10 sets, but no, that wasn't my plan.  I executed and got it done.  Point blank.

The best part was after the 50th rep.  I felt glorious every time saying 50 because it just meant that i can count down now lol.

Overall…keep your self to a high standard!  Don’t bullshit anything.



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