Day 19: For the love of Colleagues

My co-worker is such an ass lol. And I say this with nothing but love. He knows I'm doing this challenge and always ends up asking me if I want certain things I can't eat. For example, "Rivas you want some of these doughnuts" with a huge kool -aid smile in his face. Lol. Although it wasn't tempting at all, it's great to hear my coworker saying @no he can't. Rivas I got you". Both parties show support, but they do it different way. Gotta love my colleagues!

Back to my inside my mind:

I had to fight my mind back and forth. I have a competition on Sunday and was unsure if I should take 1 or a 2 day break. After going with gut feeling I still went for one session rather than two. I’m not feeling one bit nervous, more than anything excited!

Bfast: I was in the run: protein shake
Snack: Apple
Lunch: grilled chicken with asparagus and s.potato
Snack: handful of nuts and grapes
Dinner: steak/chicken salad with pico de Gallo, and guacamole

Hang clean complex
Front squat complex
And a 5AMRAP of burbees and wall balls -_-

Day 19: in a nutshell. HIPHIP….HORRAAAYY



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