Day18: Studies equals time Management

The excuse for today:
 "Professor, can I present my paper first because I need to leave earlier than usual for my family event this evening"

After I presented my paper I went straight to Crossfit!! Hahaha! In my eyes is not a lie. It's a family event where we workout at!

At the end of the day I'm making the best decisions with my time. Judge me all you want but I make it happen with no excuses!

Today was a testing date because for the simple fact that I had my graduate class. I am honestly happy that I had energy throughout the whole day including my workout. There was no given time where I felt exhausted, only of course during the workout. So if I can rate my day from a 1-10. It will be a 10..a 10…a f***ing 10!!!(vBlues Post)

Bfast: protein shake.
Snack: Apple with oatmeal
Lunch: gai yang bbq chicken(Thai chicken breast marinated with Thai herbs)
Snack: grapes and strawberries
Dinner: protein shake with bbq. Chicken wrapped with bacon with avocado.

Story: the only reason I ate the dinner is because it was the first time my gf made it! She truly believed this was part of my diet. Although it wasn’t, I still had to try my baby’s meal! And it was still delicious!

EMOM of back squats, snatches and knees to elbow
Afterwards I did a 10 min an circuit that kicked my ass.

I just want to take this time and thank the people that has been checking up on me and my progress and asking if I need any assistance. Your supported will forever be appreciated!

With that being said, I hope everyone is staying mentally strong!!



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