Day 16-17: BLAH!!!! Let’s Talk

Finally, I finished with my Graduate Work and finally writing these two posts.  If you want to accomplish things, you need to ensure that your timing, is on point!  There is no message for today because i am honestly drained.  But this doesnt mean i lack the enegery, just means it was a loong day.

In terms of energy: i have had more this week than i had these last two weeks.  I am guessing my eating habits is becoming more of a norm.  Now, let’s reflect then review:

Day 16


Breakfast: Egg omelet with spinach and mushroom

Snack: Protein Shake

Lunch: Grilled chicken with sweet potato and asparagus

Snack: Strawberries with handful of almonds

Dinner: Baked Lemon/Orange Salmon w/ Asparagus and avocado


Self Explanatory on top!

I also did some intense sled push sprints!

and T24 Full body Cardio

TODAY: Day 17

Breakfast: Protein Shake
Snack: Apple with Nuts
Lunch: Grilled chicken, avocado and sweet p.
Snack: forgot!
Dinner: Salmon with broccoli and avocado.


T25: Cardio: want a link?


Snatch Complex

4 Rounds of 6 Pull ups/45sec planks


I'm honestly using this because i think this box is cool lol.  I just want to talk briefly real quick.  I know I am not the fastest, or even the fittest person I know.  I just know at this time, I am becoming stronger and faster than I was two weeks ago. I owe this to the people who are constantly motivating me by doing the challenge.  Just talking about our temptations or even our goals is so damn great that I am happy I am doing this challenge.  I even have to shoutout my GF because anytime i want to crack she's right behind me and tells me 'you dont need that shit. Nope'  Hahaha!  Have to love it!1

Let's continue to be strong.  I know my schedule will be affecting my on time posts, but i will be staying on top of it!


Lets Kill it!!!!6 


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