Day12-14: I defeated the Weekend.

My last post was about 10 tips about to have a Healthier Weekend..well i followed it this week.

Here is an overview of each day:

Day 12:

Breakfast: Three Eggs with spinach

Snack: Kale, spinach, berry, strawberry and banana shake

Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with sweet potato

Snack: Orange with almonds

Dinner: Churassco with maduros(steak with sweet plantains)


Worked on Snatches

and For Time: 50-40-30-20-10 Squat, lunges, box jump, and goblet squats with a few burbees in between

I wanted to workout twice on Friday (Day12), however, the moment I got home after work I felt the stress that my body was given out.  I literally took a two hour nap.  It was rest that my body needed to take.  Therefore, I decided to stay home and not go for my second workout.  You need to play it smart.  If your body needs rest, make sure to put your ego aside and let yourself rest.

Day 13:

Breakfast: Made my own pancakes!

Snack: Walnuts

Lunch: Organic Bison with some greens!(this is the first time i ever made bison and it was delicious!)

IMG_8451 \

Dinner:  this was my ‘order feel: while ordering out’ mealIMG_8452

this is not the best picture, but i think it has Justice.  It was a Spinach Salad: baby spinach, dried cranberries, crispy Italian bacon, candied walnuts, apple cider vinaigrette, strawberries, avocado, and Grilled chicken!


a Clean complex

18 AMRAP with hspu, squats, pull ups and DU

It was Valentines that day!  What other day to cheat?!  What other time to say my diet doesn’t matter today because it is a ‘holiday.’  But honestly, for us it isn’t.  The true test was when my gf wanted to have pizza for lunch.  I walked to ZiZia in my head saying I don’t want pizza, although it smelled delicious.  I ended up ordering the Spinach salad, which became one of my favorites now!  This decision itself is informing me that I am getting rid of my old habits.  I hope some of you have been formulating new habits yourself!

Day 14: (Today)

Breakfast: My own pancakes again!

Lunch: Grilled chicken with Sweet Plaintains

Dinner: left over Ground Bison

Snack: banana with almond Butter


I redid my clean complex and ended up getting a 225 PR!

Annie:50-40-30-20-10 of DU and sit ups.  I beat my time from last month by 1 minute!

t25: ab circuit

Today is the day I am seeing/feeling the difference from the moment I started my challenge.  I finally hit my 225 Clean(with the support of Butch, John, and Scott[since last year])!  It has been something I have been wanting to hit since last year.  Additionally, I beat my time from last month when i did Annie again.  I did four workouts last month which I am going redo each month of my challenge to see if there is any progress and improvements.  My weekend meals are better, even if it is only my second weekend. What assisted me were the ten steps.  I did my workouts, I splurged with my salad in a healthy way, I ate like its a weekday, I didn’t go hungry to my social event(March Anthony Concert!), I relaxed,  I was productive ‘all’ day today(of course i still watched a tremendous amount of TV shows and movies, but completed an application and did graduate work), but the one i am most proud about, i ordered well.

As the challenge continues, I am hoping that it is becoming easier to some of the challengers like it is for me.  Some of the things that are keeping me from running is this damn snow.  I am tired of going to the treadmill, but it has to get done.  Keep challenging yourself everyday.  I hope that people are remembering the goals they have set for themselves, track the food that your eating, don’t count your calories, don’t step on the scale everyday, don’t think negative, be the opposite of all of that!

With that said: enjoy the rest of the weekend and lets start WEEK 3 Strong!!



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