Day 11: Fast Pace

Day 11 is upon us!  The focus for my workout today was to move fast.  That’s it.  Simple, yet hard as shit.

A day 10 memory:

My co-workers and I have been doing a 10 week challenge.  Yesterday was parent teacher conference and as we waiting for our dinner to arrive the school was offering ice cream sandwiches!  Who the hell doesn’t want that!  But I refuse it real quick!  As I see my co-workers who are eating it and part of the challenge I was like NOOOOOOOO, YOUVE BEEN DOING SO GOOD!  With a quick response:”Shit Rivas, that’s why this is my cheat meal!”  With the quickness!  I love it.  Message:  Keep making sure you are trying to help people reach their goals!  Even if they shut you down! lol

Day 11:


12x200m Sprints

Rounds of 250m Row

Back Squat and Bicep complex

Day 11:


Breakfast: Egg with strawberries

Snack 1: Apple

Lunch: Mixed Green Salad with grilled chicken

Snack 2: Banana with almond butter

Dinner: Grilled chicken, salad, avocado, sweet potato!

My Thoughts:

Today i didn’t think of this as a challenge, but more as my lifestyle.  I feel as though I am adopting my new ways of life and rejecting the things that I call a setback. I just hope to continue thinking like this!!!

Lastly, although i shared this in the last post, this is an image that Luis shared:

It’s all about tracking your progress!!!!



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