Late: Day 10: recap

The weigh in:

From 218.6 I went down to 216.8. Almost two pounds. However, the scale is not a resemblance of how lose my clothes is fitting and the more energy I have. These 10 days have been beneficial towards my diet and workouts. I now have a routine which I am comfortable with. However, every week shall be different because of my graduate classes. I need to ensure that I prep in advance to be ready for the week.
For example, yesterday it was Parent teacher conference and I forgot to pack DINNER! I was starving. I ended having some chicken, with sweet potato(which crossed my mind it was made with brown sugar!) and green beans. I also had rice because it was a special occasion last night with my lady! Overall day 10 was beast!

Overview :
Breakfast: all green shake with protein
Snack. Apple with almonds
Lunch: Cobb salad
Snack orange and shake
Dinner: already said

80 more days to go. And honestly. I’m looking forward to it!


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