Day 9: Putting It into Practice


You have been great to me.  My meals were delicious, my workouts were the shit, and I had nothing but energy today.


If there are people are people who are trying to create change within their lives, please don’t spoil their thunder, no matter how big or small the progress.  I asked the progress of somebody at work, they told me they lost 2 lbs, with overly excitement, I praise the shit out of it.  However, someone said “…”  (F***), i actually forgot what they said.  Regardless, it was negative, it was demeaning, and honestly, wasn’t worth it.  Of course I said something and said, stop trying to kill their change. She is trying to create a change, and for you to judge her will not benefit anything.



Breakfast: Eggs with bacon!

Snack 1: Grapes and orange

Lunch: baked chipotle chicken, sweet potato, asparagus

Snack 2: Banana with almond butter

Dinner: Cobb Salad ( I love it!)


This Evening
Warm up: 1,000 m row with 60 double unders

Workout 2: ON the Treadmill, 60seconds on, 30 seconds off for 20 minutes.

Workout 3: 3 rounds: 500m row, (10-20-30)Vert Jumps, (10-20-30)Knee Tucks

Putting It into Practice:

We all have goals, aspirations, and setbacks.  The step people need to take in order to make change is take the first step.  Getting out the couch, putting in that application, talking to the person they need to talk to, maybe even setting up goals.  Am I a master at this, of course not.  But i do know when I have a goal and an actual game plan, the best results is when I put it into practice.

I am not doing this to get attention.  I’m honestly not even doing this to get more followers, which is the case for many people this generation.  I am only doing this just to say to tell people out there that anything is possible when you put your mind into it. If you want to lose weight or gain muscle, get that ass out the couch and go to the gym.  Hell, go to a track, basketball court, soccer field, anything to be active. Become your own motivation.

Day 10 is tomorrow.  That means it shall be weigh in.  Although I haven’t checked my weight, i can honestly feel the difference in my performance and my clothes.  And honestly, that’s all that matters for me right now!  The scale can be deceiving!



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