Day8:rest day

Working out 7 days straight will take a toll on your body. I had to fully rest in order to keep going. Yesterday was voted in resting my body by not doing any workouts. I solely stretch because of the excessive use of my knees and shoulders. Other than, I reached out to some individuals to see how they were doing. Here are what some had to say:

Good. I haven’t been working out as much as I would like to but I’m eating much better. I def feel like I lost a few pounds since the weigh in.

Starting to adjust the diet to get my energy back!

Sometimes I lack motivation. Trust me what I’m telling you I’m getting back on track. Thanks for putting the challenge together.

Day 8 recap:
Sleep: 8 hours
Breakfast: kale, spinach, strawberry, banana protein shake
Snack1: handful of almonds and apple
Lunch: chicken breast with spinach, sweet potato, and avocado in my 2L container
Snack 2: spinach, blueberry, banana shake
Dinner: same as lunch. And I ate at 6pm and then only strawberries with dark chocolate for dessert.

Let’s dominate Day 9!

– BecomeBeastFit


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