Week 1: Train Insanely with a Plan

This is the conclusion of week1. Are you happy of the decisions your making? Do you want to change your routine? Do you want to or try new things? Do you remember why you started? Do you new to create new mini-goals?
These are the type of questions I asked myself while reflecting on my week. Thus far I am happy. Although I budged in and weight myself once this past week, i didn’t do it again. My clothes is already to feel bigger, my food cravings are not as crazy, and my workouts are planned out. What I will be working on this week is solely on my food portions. I will be using a 2cup/470ml bowl to ensure I’m not over eating. I just know in the long run this will assist me because I always tend to eat with my eyes.

Day 7:
Sleep:8 hours
Meal 1: eggs with spinach, bacon and sweet potato
Meal 2: organic steak, avocado and sweet potato
Snack: banana and apple
Meal 3: my ground turkey from yesterday. I added an egg to it. And was still delicious !

The workouts. Today I didn’t touch a single weight.
Workout 1: 1000m row then 50 wall balls
Workout 2: 50-40-30-20-10 double unders with10 GHD between each set.
Workout 3: Tabata series of planks, right plank, left plank and hollow rocks
Lastly: I did a calm 3 mile run.


“Cupid missed me because I hated this run”!

It has been a great and challenging week. However, from here I think it will be easier for me. I just need to ensure that I am planning things in order not to injure myself. I am making sure I’m not going crazy and thinking that I need to lift weights twice a week. No. That will not be the case. I will still be taking my rest day and doing the extra run complex as I promised.

With that being said: let’s start out week 2 with a bang!!!


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