Day 5: The Storm Is Coming!

As I sit here and eat my Cobb Salad, I am reflecting on Day 5 and call it a “success”.

Quick Story: All I wanted to this evening when I got home was do  Insanity.  But, I need to make sure that my neighbors are not downstairs because of all the jumping.  I don’t want them complaining of course, me being the great person that I am! After the warm up, all I heard was a broom being raised and on the top of my neighbor’s ceiling, basically telling me to stop what the hell i’m doing. -__-.  Because of this, it lead me to the gym, which I didn’t plan.  I just HATE that my damn floors and walls are thin –__–. Now…back to my story…

Today I didn’t get any urgency on snacking on anything.  I stick to my meals and wasn’t hungry in between any of them.  Also, the only reason I am eating at this time is because I just completed my workout.  I usually try to have my dinner by 6.  That way I have enough time to digest it before I go to sleep.

Let’s look at day 5:

Sleep: 7 hours:

Workout 530am: involved death by sprints! -_-

Breakfast: egg ommelate

Snack 1: kale, spinach, strawberry, berry shake

Lunch: Roasted chicken with sweet potato

Snack 2: orange and apple!

Workout 2: Shoulders, back and biceps

Dinner: Cobb Salad (nom nom)! (aka, thé best salad ever!)

It has been 5 days.  85 more to go! For these last couple days I just been dealing with things like wanting chocolate, a BURGER!, PBJ!, cereal..all the good damn snacks.  However, I started substituting those with fruits, sweet potato, adding honey to my chicken, and as I go on I will try to be more creative to bring a smile to my sweet tooth.

BUT….and this is a HUGE BUT!

The next challenging days are these next two, maybe even three-four(depending on the weather).  In one two words: THE WEEKEND.  The time where I always ate a bagel after my workout, the time when i didn’t care about portion control, where people just shoved random food in front of your face!  The temptation will be at its highest peek!   This is when I need to MAKE SURE that I have my meals prep for the weekend including the snacks!  I hope that -<   Scratch that, I KNOW that we will overcome and not have ANY setbacks! We will stay strong!

With that being said my Beast(ers), I hope you have a great weekend!



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