Day 4: ‘Til I Collapse

Today was by far one of the toughest days.  This is only the beginning.  Thursdays are usually my Rest days.  However, I want to switch up my routine to shock my body.  All I wanted to do today was plyometrics.  I was going to plan on either doing p90x or t25.  However, I came home, took a damn nap, and started watching Arrow(so what, i like comics!).  While watching this on hulu a damn Crossfit commercial came on.  The thought in my head was: “If this isn’t a message, i don’t know what is!”

Here’s the Video:

If your a Crossfit ‘freak,’ this video has to get you going!  Because of this video, and nothing else, I got dressed and went to the box.  I could had stayed home and ‘workout,’ but my motivation was slacking.  Therefore, I went to go look for it.  I had to shake my funk during my warm up.

After my funk was gone, and my motivation and focus was intact, I got to work.  With some cleans, sprints, and a tabata series, I call this day a success.  Towards the future, I will be focus one day out of the week on just plyometrics and another on just fully resting my body.

Day 4, was by far the hardest, but again, this is only the beginning and it is what you do to overcome the bullshit thinking your doing that will get you closer on achieving your goals.

I also want to elaborate that you don’t always have to workout to see the changes.  Honestly, what creates the most change is the DIET!  People, even I, can workout everyday, but they eat shitty, no progress will be made.  The point is, don’t feel bad if your not working out everyday.  Honestly, if you are working at least three times a week, with a good diet, you should be good.

Here is what stated:

Working out three days per week is by far the most popular way to workout. While each routine has stated workout days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, any other three nonconsecutive days each week can be used. You can just as easily train on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays if it would be better for you. Be sure to program at least one full rest day between training days. Be on the way to a better, buffer body. Be careful not to overtrain!

And, here is something from The Daily Heath Post:

Recommended Gym Schedules

If you’re looking for a recommended gym schedule, there’s one basic rule of thumb we suggest. Workout as frequently as your social, family, and professional life will allow. Then, scale back (if applicable) to get the rest and recovery time your body needs.

If, for example, you have few commitments, you might be able to workout 6-7 times per week. However, that’s almost certainly too much for your body. So, scale back to perhaps 4 times per week and 5 times per week, switching your schedule every other week.

If you have a demanding career, three kids, and a healthy marriage, then working out 2-3 times per week might be the most you can put on your plate. Many experts believe that this is enough exercise to put on muscle mass.

‘Til I Collapse by Eminem today was my power song for this night!  Anything Rap and honestly southern rap will get me up and going!


Breakfast: My day 1 pancakes!

Snack: Strawberry, bananan, almonds, flax seed, spinach shake

Lunch: lemon rotisserie chicken, spianach, avocado

Snack: banana, blueberry, spinach, protein shake

Dinner; Chicken breast with sweet potato

I’m also researching and even asking for people about the meals that they eat.  I want to make sure I be creative with my foods, because although some of my food may be  the same, I want to switch things up and of course try new things.

Again, tell me that video doesn’t get you up!

Day 4 is in the books!


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