What does FOCUS mean to you?

Ask yourself that question.  I came to realization the moment I focus on my food intake, techniques in workouts, my surroundings, or anything else, it becomes easier to accomplish the goals I have set up for myself.  The moment you are focus on something, and you are truly 100% committed without budging to any distractions, will be the time you see changes within your attitude and body.


Honestly, in my opinion, if you are doing this challenge and telling yourself: “Fuck this food,” “I dont want to do this workout,” “When can I get a cheat meal,” “I dont want to try new food” and so on, you are planning to fail. This mentality will not lead you anywhere.  You need to become more open-minded to new things for this challenge.  It is not meant to be easy.

I also want to elaborate on the people at the gym.  If you want to focus and do workouts, GET OFF YOUR PHONE, stop taking 15 min rests because your showing your boy/girl something on social media, stop spending so much energy on how you look and do the damn workout.  Something I hate is when people are just talking while someone is waiting to use that machine.  Be someone respectful and go to the gym, do your workout, and be out.  Stop wasting time.

Now back to the topic,

When you challenge yourself, you NEED to change your mentality and attitude.  You need to see this challenge as an eye opener. Try new foods, workouts, music, lift heavier, anything new!  It is honestly an eye opener.  When I first lost my 60lbs, I reminisced and said: “Oh Shit, I did all of that.”  It was because I changed my mentality.  I started telling myself that I CAN do anything I want.  I CAN stop eating this rice and bread my mother keeps putting in front of me.  I CAN stop drinking every weekend.  I CAN get a mile under 10mins.  Turn your CANT(s) to CAN.  This will go a LONNNNGGG WAY!

Review Day 3:


Total of 8 hours!


Breakfast (SHAKE THINGS UP):  I want to switch up my meals everyday so my body will not be used to the same thing.  I call it ‘The Shock.’  I had a blueberry, flaxseeds, raw almonds, spinach, with protein shake.

Snack 1: Apple with almonds

Lunch: Chicken breast, spinach, and sweet potato(nom Nom!)

Snack 2: Orange with shake 2.

Dinner: Chicken breast with mushroom, tomato, and avocado.


Morning: did a complex of KB Swings, sit ups, and goblet squads with some Jerking!

Evening:  Shoulders, Legs, Calves

4 sets of 9-11 of the following (in between each set I did 20 DU):

  • Barbell Shoulder Press
  • Standing Alt Dumbbell Press
  • Barbell Squat
  • Deadlifts
  • Walking Lunges
  • In.Out.Parallel Calf Raises

Workout for tomorrow:

800m warm up
4x50 pick ups
12x200m (rest 2 min)
6x400m (rest 4 min)
800m cool down

Ab Workout: I will be working with Jon tomorrow, whatever crazy ab workout he has in the morning I shall be doing.  And I’m thinking it will be hell!

Our Focus will ensure that we succeed!! Make everyday, decision, workout count!


P.S.  I also want to shoutout one of my coworkers for accepting the challenge! Let’s get it Ms. Phelps!


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