Day 3: All Mental

I woke up late, started rushing towards my workout at 530, and mentally not ready for anything.  I was cold, tired, and only 50% awake.  I have to keep cursing myself out in order to get my shit together because the only thing I can change is my mentality.

It’s all Mental.

Taking a step back, I woke up in the middle of night craving damn chocolate!  CHOCOLATE!  At a time when I am unable to fully think of what I am doing.  I did not budge in; I kept my ‘cool.’

It’s All Mental.

Going back to the topic, I knew that today will be my first real challenge.  It is one of the days where I am working out, having graduate class, and of course working.  I will not driving back to my apartment until 9pm.  I say this because I need to mentally be ready for everything.  I needed to ensure that I knew my lesson plan for that day, have my work completed for class, have all my meals prepared, and of course sacrifice the time in the morning to workout.

It’s ALL Mental.

I knew doing this challenge was going to be difficult because of my schedule.  BUT, I have goals, and I need to do what I have to accomplish them.  I need to ensure that my time-management is on point 24/7.  This is the reason why most of my time, I am constantly busy, unless if I accommodate the time.

It’s All MENTAL.

Will I be mentally drained?  Of course.  BUT, this is when the choices of food that I eat come to play!  I need to ensure the food that I am eating gives me the proper energy that my body needs to fully function.


With that being said, ensure to THINK about the decisions you are taking.  Because of the end of the day it is ALL MENTAL.

Stay FOCUS and MENTALLY strong!



One thought on “Day 3: All Mental

  1. I’m proud of you! You could have used your schedule today as an excuse to not work out, but you have a plan and you are clearly working it! You can either make an excuse or make it happen! Stay Strong!


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