Day 1: Discipline

Today was the beginning our journey.  The beginning of new eating habits.  The beginning of pushing your body to the limit.  The beginning of ignoring cake, cookies, soda, concentrated juice and so on.  TODAY WAS THEE DAY!

In a Nutshell:

Sleep: 8 Hours

Meal 1: Breakfast: I wanted something sweet, like pancakes!  I haven’t ate real pancakes for a while now.  What I do when I need my fix is the following: stir/fix 2-3 eggs, banana, and cinnamon.  You can also add almond butter, even dark chocolate chip (80%+).  Cook it like a pancake and boom!!! Heaven

Photo Feb 02, 9 32 46 AM

Snack1: Apple with Almonds

Meal 2:I’m Spanish and of course I was craving tacos, which I rarely do!  I became creative and stuffed chicken, tomato, and avocado into a Collard Green Leave.

Photo Feb 02, 1 14 45 PM

Snack 2: I had to go out and shovel so i didn’t get to eat it!  Therefore, i kept drinking my water

Meal 3: I normally don’t eat at 8pm.  Today was one of those off days.  It was right after the workout.  Salmon, spinach, kale, and mushroom.

Photo Feb 02, 8 05 00 PM

Snack 3: Protein Shake!

The hardest thing about today was walking into Shop-Rite and looking at all the damn snacks I wanted to eat!  It didn’t help that I had a Snow Day today, that made me want to eat like a pig!  But the key for these next 90 days is: DISCIPLINE!  I have to keep reminding myself about why I am doing this.  My end goals, the pictures, the workouts, everything.  I don’t want to have any setbacks, therefore you have to remain Discipline with yourself.

The workouts:

Today is Monday and it’s an ab workout day!

5 rounds of: 10 burbees, 30 sec hollow rock, 20 sec plank, 10 alt cross leg sit up.  I won’t like this sucked after doing clean, thrusters, and Double Unders!  But it has to get done!

And Lastly: The light Run.  Wasn’t for speed, it was for distance.  And Again, I didn’t care for my average pace, I can run and maintain a run at about 8:30-9min, but again, this was just a light run!

Photo Feb 01, 10 31 02 AM

What I heard and Loved from the individuals who are taking the challenge:

“Today sucked because I wanted all the treats, but I didn’t eat it”

“I pre-planned my meals for the week”

“My girl told me I was doing a challenge and I was like fuck it aight”

“I weight in, I’m ready to dominate and change”

I’m at the part of my house farthest from the fridge…

“I came to workout, only because I committed to the 90 day challenge”

“The pics are a good form of motivation

Food for thought:

This is the beginning of a great journey.  Don’t ruin it by ‘treating yourself’ to a ‘small’ bite of a cookie, cake, doughnut, or whatever your favorite snack is.  This is a setback.  Your goals, the ones that you set out to accomplish, you need to stay committed to them and have the discipline.  Even if you are surrounded by it at your jobs, family, friends or whatever!  Take snacks with you, carry a water bottle (I drink a gallon a day), or anything that will keep you from CHEATING Yourself.

With that being said.  Today was a great day.  On to day 2!

P.S. I will not always be posting the pictures of my food times the its not ‘presentable,’ but it taste good as hell!!



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