The Calm before the Storm: The Scale/Weigh In

Fellow people!

Although tomorrow is the beginning of our 90 day journey, today is weigh in.  I understand some people will be doing it tomorrow, it doesn’t matter!  Before I go on, I just want to say that there are 12 people thus far committed to this challenge.  That within itself is fantastic!  Let’s ensure we keep each other motivated throughout this journey.

The Scale

Please do not wake up everyday, I repeat, everyday and get on the scale.  Change does not happen overnight.  And honestly, based on my experience, if you repeatedly do that, at times you will become unmotivated to do anything.  I just want to go on and talk about something that the scale doesn’t tell you:

  • A scale only reveals your body weight at a specific time, but not overall health.
  • It doesn’t indicate how much of your body is muscle or fat.
  • The scale might show weight gain or loss only as a result of how much and what types of foods you ate during that particular day or meal.
  • If you weigh yourself immediately after a meal you might think you have gained weight, but the scale is only reflecting food weight.
  • Your weight does not tell the whole story.
  • Lastly, the scale does not define you.

Don’t let the scale determine your motivation and determination for this journey.  For some of us it may take longer than others to see change only because of our goals.  Some people want to use this specifically for weight loss, others want to maintain, but gain muscle.  Let’s not forget that muscle weighs more than fat!  Feel the difference in your clothes, your breathing, your endurance, and so on.

The Weigh In

Today I weighed in at 218.6lbs.  Also took pictures of three angles, my back, front, and side, as you can see in the bottom.

Photo Feb 01, 9 09 27 AMPhoto Feb 01, 9 09 16 AM

As you can see, I did not upload the picture of the front.  This is simply because I am self-conscious about it and not ashamed to say it.  Throughout the years in college in indulge myself in many chinese meals, fat sandwiches, buffets, fried food and more that led my body to create stretch marks.  Since then it’s been somewhat embarrassing for me to take off a shirt in public.  One thing about crossfit, is that it honestly helps your self-esteem.  Since then, I honestly don’t mind taking my shirt off in front of people.  I’m not saying that I am confortable and standing in front of millions of people, or even in a competition while having my shirt off.  But being surrounded with friends and family in a public setting, I don’t mind.  Hey, we all have our stories, this is something that nobody, only my girlfriend, knows about me.  Welcome to my journey.

I will be checking my weight on the following dates:

2) February 12th, 3) February 28th, 4) March 28th, 5) April 25, Final) May 2nd.

The Reason Why I am doing 10 days after the challenge begins, is to ensure that my diet is working.  Within the first 10 days, in my eyes, your body should be getting rid of all the disgusting things and becoming used to the caveman diet (lifestyle)!


I will be tracking my own workouts and meals through a journal.  This is not something that you have to do, but it works.  It helps you keep track of the things you have been eating and workouts.  You can even put a note and give yourself feedback.  There’s nothing better than going back to your notes after the 90th day to see the progress!

For the individuals who sent me their weight, I already started tracking your weight.

The Workout

My Running Coach(Stephanie DiBrita) has giving me a plan to follow which I will be sharing online.  As I previous said, I will be doing circuit trainings three times out the week.  This is the Plan for tomorrow:

Run 2-4 miles at a relaxed pace.                                                      “It’s Snowing” You say: 5 Rounds of 10 burbees, 30 sec hollow rocks, 20 sec plank, 5 (each side) Cross/Wide Leg Sit Ups

 The Shirt

unnamed-1 unnamed-2

When purchased, this will be a Uni-Sex Tri-Blend by American Apperal.  It is 50% Polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon.  If interested, please comment of message me.  Prices will vary.


Let’s enjoy the Superbowl and mentally prepare for tomorrow!


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