Its all about the Progress. 


Day 25: The Long Stretch

It’s Thursday. Day 25 is in the bags. Open season has begun. Froning is a Crossfit Gawd lol.

There is nothing fancy today. However, I made up a workout yesterday for today because I was meeting up with someone at the gym. It was long and brutal doing it alone! Shit comes up…you can’t control it. At first I was like fuck this shit I’m not doing it alone. Once I blocked that mentality I honestly hopped on the treadmill and started the shit.

Let’s take a look:

Bfast: good ol' spinach peanut butter protein shake. 
Snack: peanuts with apple 
Lunch: Cobb salad 
Snack: background story: we had a event for our students today. More of a ice cream party.   Yes. ICE CREAM!  Damn chocolate ice cream everywhere!! What did I do... I made my self a banana bowl!  I just wish I had honey and cinnamon!
Dinner: protein shake and my pancakes

Workout: the B-100

get it done!

The killer of course was the last run. I started catching cramps that I had to walk it and stretch it for about two minutes. I no rep myself about 10 different times. All I heard in the background was my coaches voices saying NO REP!  Have to keep yourself at a standard!

It honestly sucked ass doing it alone. But it had to get done! It was all a mental game.  Yes it could had been easier if I did 10 reps of all movements and have 10 sets, but no, that wasn't my plan.  I executed and got it done.  Point blank.

The best part was after the 50th rep.  I felt glorious every time saying 50 because it just meant that i can count down now lol.

Overall…keep your self to a high standard!  Don’t bullshit anything.


Day 24: No snacking!

Yes it is early. No I am not done with my day. But I am done with my meals and workouts. Because of my class right now, I am not able to go back for a double session, which will only had consisted of a run.  

The snacking: being a teacher we are always around snacks!  And these are not good snacks. These are the very yu gooood snacks. We are talking about chocolate, pizza, candy, cupcakes, cake, chips, and everything else in between. Additionally, my class gives us snacks, the only thing they offer is chips, popcorn, pound cake, hummus, and that’s all. It used to be grapes but they stopped providing it!  Morale of the story, you have to be mentally strong in order to say no to all of these. It’s especially better because now, the no is more fluent. It’s simple: if it’s not part of your meal for that day, don’t eat it. 

Let’s talk about 24

Breakfast: two or three ( I forgot) eggs with spinach 

Snack: nice gala apple

Lunch: Cobb salad 

Snack: banana with peanut butter

Dinner: baked chicken with Avocado

For the rest of the day I will be finishing up my gallon of water that I have left. 

In terms of the workout: I had to alternate it because of my shoulder. No it’s not injured but from time to time that shit hurts like a bitch. 

I did 21-15-9 of front squats and Box jumps. 

Before was more focused on rdls and shoulder mobility. 



still complaining about that 1 lb you lost?

Although it’s only the 24th day, people, you need to remember you must have patience and work your ass off to accomplish your goals. The picture you see above is me when I was 22 I believe. 5 years makes a huge difference!  Again, I wasn’t always the fittest, nor I am near where I want to be. Make sure to embrace change, be patient with yourself, trust your workouts and eat smart. The toughest workout will always be deciding what to eat!  Keep working people.