The Challenge

Fellow Workout Geeks,

Starting Next Monday I will be doing a 90 Day Challenge on becoming the Fittest person I have ever been.  In 2010, after graduating from Rutgers University, I stepped on the scale and was disgusted after seeing I weight 286lbs.  Since then I have been on a journey on losing weight, being active, and lifting weights.  I went on and did P90x and Insanity and in 2014 I joined Animal Crossfit.  Since then, the least I have weight was 198lbs, I am back up to 219lbs.  I am not doing this challenge because I feel fat, weak, or want abs.  I am simply doing this to challenge myself and even motivate others, like people motivated me throughout the years.  Each  day I will be documenting some struggles, motivation, inspiration, eating habits, and workouts that people need when undergoing this journey.  Anyone is welcome to read this, share, or even skim or ignore.  I just want to be an inspiration to people who wants to create a change in their lives.  This is not a easy journey, but takes patience with great motivation.



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