What is the Challenge? The 5Ws.

The (Why) Reason: 

I am doing this simply to challenge myself.  For these past five years I have lost well over 60 lbs.  I am now in a place where I am comfortable.  I lift heavy weights, able to run a mile under 8 minutes, experiment with new things, eat food that I love and enjoy and much more.  But now, out of no where, I want to see how far I can transform my body for these next 90 days.  Will it be easy? Of course not.  Will I want to quit?  Who doesn’t.  Down the road I will look for any excuse to skip a workout or eat a piece of cake rather than a piece of chicken.  I know this because it’s based on my experience!

Everybody has their own goals and aspirations which they want to concur.  But few do them because they are not whiling to put in the work.  They are not willing to go and do a workout for 45-60min because they had a long day at work, sitting down!  What will you do for your goals?!?!?!

Below is exactly how I will be pursuing my goal.  Again, I will not be doing this alone.  I have coaches and team members that are always pushing me to my limit.  There is nothing wrong with having a support group!

The (What) Goal:

For the next 90 days my goal is to get lean, toned, and lose fat.


Thus far I have two other people and Myself who accepted my challenge.


It will begin on Monday February 2nd, 2015 – May 3rd, 2015.  Just thinking about this gives me goosebumps!


The Workouts:

I will still be consistently attending my Crossfit classes @ Animal Crossfit (http://animalcrossfit.com).  Also, three times, maybe four, out of the week, I will also incorporate Circuit Trainings. Most of those circuits will involve running and rowing.  Lastly, on MWF I will ensure after my workouts to do an Ab Ripper Workout.

The “Diet” :

First and foremost I don’t like calling this a diet.  This is how I ‘normally’ will eat.  And I quote normally because of course I have a plethora of cheat meals!  My meals will be 90% Paleo.

Paleo Diet: a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.

There are tremendous information out there about Paleo diets, just google!  The reason why I hold off on the 10% is because I will be doing competitions throughout these 90 days.  Within those 90 days I need to make sure I have Carbs!!  And honestly, there is nothing wrong with carbs (a story for another day).

I just want to say the reason I am doing this blog for the next 90 days are for people to become inspirited and motivated.  Everyday there are people of all types of shapes that wants to create a change on how they look.  I want people to be motivated through the workouts, videos, support, and diets which I post.  In Advance, I thank everybody for the support that I have received thus far!

Tomorrow is weigh in.


The Challenge

Fellow Workout Geeks,

Starting Next Monday I will be doing a 90 Day Challenge on becoming the Fittest person I have ever been.  In 2010, after graduating from Rutgers University, I stepped on the scale and was disgusted after seeing I weight 286lbs.  Since then I have been on a journey on losing weight, being active, and lifting weights.  I went on and did P90x and Insanity and in 2014 I joined Animal Crossfit.  Since then, the least I have weight was 198lbs, I am back up to 219lbs.  I am not doing this challenge because I feel fat, weak, or want abs.  I am simply doing this to challenge myself and even motivate others, like people motivated me throughout the years.  Each  day I will be documenting some struggles, motivation, inspiration, eating habits, and workouts that people need when undergoing this journey.  Anyone is welcome to read this, share, or even skim or ignore.  I just want to be an inspiration to people who wants to create a change in their lives.  This is not a easy journey, but takes patience with great motivation.